24 km long section of Kutaisi-Tskaltubo-Tsageri-Lentekhi road is being rehabilitated


Two projects – altogether 24 km long section of Kutaisi-Tskaltubo-Tsageri=-Lentekhi-Lasdili road is being rehabilitated.
The section starts in the village of Chvelieri and runs through the villages of Tekali, Leusheri, Panaga, Sasashi, Lemzagori,Zhakhunderi, Mele and Benieri (Choluri and Lashkheti communities). The section has not been rehabilitated since 1985, consequently the road is quite damaged.
The project covers solution to traffic related problems and full rehabilitation of a 24 km long section.  In particular, asphalt-concrete cover will be laid, artificial structures and bridge crossings will be renovated; one new bridge will be constructed; water conducting pipes will be laid; concrete gutters and bearing walls will be arranged; junctions to local roads, entrances to yards, gabions and cuvettes will be constructed.
On several spots of the section landslide processes have become active. Design-geological survey is underway on those spots and as soon as there is a complete design, rehabilitation works will be renovated.
On the rest of the section of the road, soil related works, works related to constructing artificial structures, arrangement of gabions and cuvettes are ongoing.
Rehabilitation works started in 2017 and will be finished by 2019 on both sections. Total cost of the project amounts to GEL 19 683 383 and is funded from the state budget.


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