American company Bechtel is interested in infrastructure projects in Georgia


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili and the First Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Roads Department of Georgia, Mr. Irakli Karseladze introduced the representatives of the largest American company Bechtel the planned infrastructure projects.
“We are implementing projects of unprecedented scale in the history of our country. By 2021 we are planning to complete the highway considered in the spatial planning plan. In summer we will announce biddings on Rikoti and Kvesheti-Kobi sections. Because of the importance and complexity of the projects, we are interested in cooperation with the companies that stick to high standards and are experienced in order to carry out the projects in qualitative manner” – Mrs. Tskitishvili said.
Irakli Karseladze provided the representatives of the company with the detailed information on the projects of Rikoti Pass section, Kvesheti-Kobi, Rustavi-Tsiteli Khidi, Algeti-Sadakhlo and Poti bridge.
Bechtel was established in 1898 and its profile is engineering-construction. Bechtel, which was named as one of the largest American companies, implements infrastructure projects in 160 countries, including Balkan countries and Turky. Bechtel has already implemented several projects in Georgia in energy field.


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