International standard kindergarten in Khashuri


MDF is rehabilitating kindergarten #7 located on King Tamar street in Kashuri. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Zurab Alavidze visited rehabilitation works.
Building was amortized and required rehabilitation. After completion of rehabilitation works kindergarten building will conform to international standards.
New kindergarten is designated for 6 different aged groups, and will serve 200 toddlers. Building will be adapted to disabled people. 10 workmen are hired on works. 
Within the framework of the project following activities shall be performed: arrangement of adjacent territory, facing of internal and external walls of the building, replacement of window doors, toilets arrangements, installation of heating-cooling system, replacement of water supply and sewerage systems. Currently building is under demolition. 
Project is financed by World Bank and cost amounts to GEL 735 751 million. Project was commenced in May 2017 and will be finalized in October of current year. 


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