Kvemo Kartli and Racha regions are counting the damage inflicted by natural disaster


Works lasted all night long in the spots which were damaged by natural disaster. Heavy rain caused problems to Kvemo Kartli and Racha regions. Central and local roads, basements of residential blocks were flooded in Rustavi city which resulted in the loss to commercial facilities. Torrent from Iagluji Mountain flooded part of Rustavi car market. 
With the purpose of coordination of cleaning works, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mr. Ilia Begiashvili visited the region. According to Mr. Begiashvili, rescue and rehabilitation works stabilized situation in Rustavi, Marneuli and Dmanisi. As for Racha, bed of the River Gharula in the Municipality of Oni is being cleaned and an ad-hoc committee is establishing the amount of the loss.
As a result of intensive rain, the river in Racha which overflew its channel, damaged local roads, water supply system and a bridge. After the heavy equipment got involved in the cleaning works, the river went back within its channel, which prevented the threat.
Other regions of Georgia were not damaged by the natural disaster.


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