Maia Tskitishvili: Ministry will actively cooperate with the Parliament


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia had a meeting with the Chairman of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.

In addition to the Minister and the Chairman, Deputy Ministers – Mr. Irakli Karseladze and Ilia Begiashvili and Deputy Chairmen of the Committee attended the first official meeting.

The parties talked about the issues related to regional development and infrastructure and the reforms in this field.
“We talked about our future plans and working process in detail. In the first place, we agreed that we cannot work separately. Hence, the Ministry and the Parliament, represented by the relevant Committee will have active cooperation,” – Ms. Maia Tskitishvili said.
“In her reasoning, Ms. Minister was competent and comprehensive towards fundamental issues, especially taking into consideration decentralization reform, which entails significant work and infrastructure projects implemented by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure,” – Mr. Gabunia said.
The parties assessed the meeting positively and said that they discussed the plans of the Committee and the Ministry that they are going to implement jointly, in detail.


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