Maya Tskitishvili: “Roshka-Arkhoti road infrastructure shall be improved in a timely manner”


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili visited Dusheti Municipality together with the Deputies to see Roshka-Arkhoti road. 
Municipal Development Fund of Georgia started construction of a 28 km long road, connecting Pirikita and Piraketa Khevsureti in October, 2015.
The construction site starts from the village of Roshka, Dusheti Municipality, crosses Arkhoti pass and through the Asa gorge finishes in the village of Amgha. There was only a footpath on this section while within the frames of the project a 6 m wide and 28 km long road base was arranged. Protective gabions and bridges are also covered within the project.
Winter is harsh and long on the pass at the height of 3000 meters which makes the work process difficult. 
“A new road base was prepared; however, currently the road is not satisfactory; certain sections require cleaning and need to be finished. That’s why we are here together with the heads of the Municipal Development Fund and the Roads Department of Georgia to plan these works in an operative manner.” – Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili said. Because of the lack of road village of Arkhoti is almost left by all the villagers; only 4 families live there now. In addition to strategic importance the project is also important for economic development. This road will promote villagers to get back to their homes and increase tourist potential of Khevsureti.


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