Maya Tskitishvili requested the contractor to speed up rehabilitation works of Dusheti Central Park


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, visited the Municipality of Dusheti to assess the ongoing rehabilitation works. According to Mrs. Tskitishvili, pace of construction is not satisfactory and it is necessary that the contractor company increases labor force.
Infrastructure in the Central Park of Dusheti was damaged and needed to be fixed. Municipal Development Fund began the project in April, 2017, though it could not finish it within the established timeframes. According to the new time schedule the project shall be finished by September. The works are funded by the World Bank with GEL 2 446 532. 
The project covers: construction of a fountain, gutters and sewage system, as well as fortification of a bearing wall, lighting of paths and small squares within the park and lighting of the park itself, constructing water closets and putting benches in the park. The works also cover restoration of the façade of the Saint Nicholas Church in the park.  
“I am discontent with the tempo of the works. The project was to be finished by May, though as we have seen the situation today here, it may not be finished even by the end of the year. We will have active communication with the contractor company, in order to increase the speed of works. In addition to this project, we are planning rehabilitation of the facades of the buildings nearby the park, full reconstruction of the center and rehabilitation of the Chilashvili house through the financial aid of the World Bank.” – Mrs. Tskitishvili said.
Improvement of Dusheti Central Park and rehabilitation works planned to be carried out in the city will increase the number of tourists. It will create favorable conditions for tourism development, that will improve social being of locals.


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