Maya Tskitishvili: We intend to promote development and full utilization of the potential of each region


Candidate for the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili gave a speech at the joint sitting of Parliamentary Committees. In her speech, candidate for Minister highlighted particular activities of the Ministry and talked about main challenges and plans.  Mrs. Tskitishvili also emphasized the need for implementation of the projects to ensure utilization of the potential of regions as much as possible.
“We intend to promote development and fully utilize the potential of each region. Within the frames of reviewing the 2019 budget, we have already started meetings on regional level and reviewing priority projects with local population and self-government. In addition to the meetings, and in order to ensure higher involvement, we are planning to reconsider the formula for calculation of regional development funds”, - Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili said.
Tskitishvili mentioned that Spatial Planning Unit, which is an important field in terms of regional development, is further added to the composition of the Ministry. The Unit ensures sustainable and proper development of settlements and excludes chaotic development. To this end an Advisory Council will be established at the Ministry.
Maya Tskitishvili considers effective project management as one of the priorities.
“Project implementation quality and timeframes still remain one of the main challenges for us. We are planning to take specific steps to improve the situation. Technical Board reform is planned which would apply to large projects in the fields of road and water supply, though standardization of relatively small typical projects is underway.” – Mrs. Tskitishvili said.
Candidate for Minister also highlighted the importance of development of production in the country and mentioned that it is planned to offer homogeneous goods procurement program which would promote local production and replace import.
“Standard approaches are introduced to reduce corruption risks. These approaches will help us to reduce biased decisions as much as possible,” – Tskitishvili said.
Mrs. Tskitishvili also talked about the need of development of regions and the works planned in this regard as well as on the development of decentralization concept. 
According to Mrs. Tskitishvili, by the end of this year it is planned to approve the 2018-2025 decentralization strategy and develop 2019 – 2020 action plan. The process has already started and all the stakeholders take part in it.
Candidate for Minister highlighted the importance of properly working infrastructure which would be focused on the needs of the youth.
“We need to ensure suitable conditions for studying, development, employment and, what is no less important – for healthy lifestyle of the youth,” – Mrs. Tskitishvili said.


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