Ongoing rehabilitation of 15 km road in Oni municipality


The rehabilitation works of the 15.2 km section of Kutaisi-Alpana-Mamisoni  (126km – 141 km) secondary road is underway. The rehabilitation section is located in Oni municipality, which begins in the village Utsera, crossing village of Glola and ends at the resort of Shovi.
The above-mentioned road spreads along the river Rioni and Chanchakhi passing the mountainous terrain.  
The rehabilitation project includes: Rehabilitation of main road and 8 bridges. Also, works will be carried out for the installation of culverts, joints and arrangement of public transport stop points. Entrances to the yards of the population will be arranged. Traffic signs will be installed to ensure the safety of traffic movement.
 At the moment, the construction of pipes, concrete cavities and asphalt-concrete pavement is ongoing. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Zurab Alavidze got acquainted with the ongoing works.
The project is financed by World Bank, implemented within the framework of the third project of internal and local roads (SLRP III). It costs is 8 272 300 GEL. 25 people are employed at the project site. The works commenced in May 2016 and will be completed by October 2017.


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