Roshka-Arkhoti road is now open for high clearance cars


Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is carrying out Roshka-Arkhoti road rehabilitation, Municipality of Dusheti. The project covered cutting of a 28 km long road which now enables high clearance cars to move freely on the road.
Executive Director of Municipal Development Fund, Mr. Giorgi Shengelia, visited the site to see the works. Mr. Shengelia also met the construction company to go through the project details.
The construction site starts from the village of Roshka, Municipality of Dusheti, crosses Arkhoti Pass, runs the Asa Gorge and finishes in the village of Amgha. 
There were only 6 footpaths on this section while within the frames of the project a 6 m wide and 28 km long road, with sand-gravel cover, is cut; shore protection works and construction of bridges is also planned.
Winter on the Pass at 3000 meter above the sea level is harsh and long, which makes the construction works difficult. “We are implementing a very important project. We have never had a road here. This is going to be the road connecting Roshka with Arkhoti. Couple of weeks ago Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure visited the site. Unfortunately, back then the construction status was not satisfactory, certain sections needed to be cleaned and finished. We promised the locals that they would have been able to move on this road with high clearance cars on Atengenoba (local celebration); we kept our promise. 
Currently there are ten heavy equipment cars mobilized on the site; we think that large part of the works will be implemented; however, based on what we have seen now, we think that we need to take stronger efforts to finish the works within the initially set time-frames.” – Mr. Shengelia said.
Due to absence of road, village Arkhoti, which is situated near the border, was almost deserted and only 4 families reside there now. In addition to strategic importance, the project is important for economic development of the region. The road will motivate locals to get back to their homes and grow tourist potential in Khevsureti.


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