Statement of Municipal Development Fund


Bidding on design and construction of the Center for Infectious Pathologies, AIDS and Clinical Immunology is now terminated. The winner company undertook obligation to construct an Infectious Hospital accommodating 100 patients. The offered price was based on the company’s calculations instead of detailed design-cost-estimate documentation as, according to the bidding conditions, the company had to ensure developing of design documentation and construction. Given the fact that the terms of reference (ToR) was of general nature and did not stipulate detailed technical parameters and specifications of the hospital, and while, in the case of design and construction biddings, employer’s possibilities of establishing design documentation and technical specifications and their quality control is limited, new management of the Municipal Development Fund considered that the hospital, would not be of desirable quality and specifications. Considering the nature of the Infectious Hospital, its regulatory requirements and the difficulty of the project altogether, in order to receive the design better adapted with modern standards and requirements, the MDF thinks it reasonable, to announce separate bidding; initially on the design-cost-estimate. As the local and international experts develop and adopt comprehensive design documentation, MDF will announce bidding on construction.


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