We should join efforts for further develop water supply system


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili participated in the IInd International Conference organized by Georgian Water and Power (GWP). The key topic of the Conference was development of water supply system in the country.
“I would like to welcome GWP’s initiative on joining efforts to ensure development of water supply system – this is the most essential need in this field now. In the regions of Georgia, unfortunately there are more than 630 thousand people who do not central water supply system and even more without 24-hour water supply. Large investments are made both by the Government as well as by local self-governments. In 2013 – 17, with the aid of international financial institutions, around GEL 200 mln was spent on the development of water supply network; this year around GEL 230 mln is allocated for the ongoing works, while within the next two years this amount will be raised to around GEL 600 mln. This is a substantial investment and it is important that the effect be to maximum.” – Mrs. Tskitishvili said. 
According to her by 2020 , 430 thousand new subscribers will be added to water supply network in various regions.
The event was attended by the Deputy Minister, Mr. Grigol Katskia, Director of the United Water Supply Company, Mrs. Ekaterine Galdava, representatives from the water supply sector of Georgia, as well as Heads of Water Supply Companies in Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania and Denmark.


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