Zurab Alavidze – In 2018 we are planning to rehabilitate around 200 km road


We are planning to rehabilitate around 200 km road in 2018 - Candidate Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mr. Zurab Alavidze said in his speech before the united sitting of Regional Policy and Self-Government,  Agrarian Issues, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Sector Economy and Economic Policy and Budget and Finance Committees, where the Candidate Ministers were heard.

Mr. Alavidze named the sections of roads that will be rehabilitated in 2018. This included 15 km section of Marneuli-Algeta road, a certain section of road in Dmanisi Municipality, 16 km section of Tsalka-Aiazmi road, Chrebalo-Nikortsminda road section, etc.

In addition, Mr. Alavidze talked about Rikoti Pass and noted that this section is the most loaded , both in terms of difficulty, as well as cost.

“In Rikoti case we have 90 bridges and around 60 tunnels. Estimated cost of project is around billion USD. Design works have already started. This is the most complex section.” – Mr. Alavidze said. 


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