Zurab Alavidze visited Tbilisi-Rustavi road construction


Tbilisi-Rustavi road construction is in progress. The project, which costs 119 million Georgian Lari, covers construction of the most difficult section amounting to 7 km in length.  
Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Zurab Alavidze visited the site along with the Executive Director of Municipal Development Fund, Galaktion Buadze. Minister checked the speed and quality of the works. 
Total length of all three sections of the road is more than 17 km. Currently, second section is under construction. The road leads to Azerbaijani border, hence its modernization being important from transit viewpoint. Completion of the project will enable citizens to travel on the road safely and in a comfortable manner.
The project is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The works started in March, 2017 and will be finished in 2019. 


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