Zurab Alavidze: We are facing challenges, but I am sure we will manage to handle them


We are facing challenges, but I am sure we will manage to handle them – Candidate Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mr. Zurab Alavidze told the press before starting committee hearing at the Parliament of Georgia.

Candidate Ministers of Sector, Economic and Financial direction are delivering their speeches at united sitting of respective committees. 

According to Mr. Alavidze, the Ministry is planning to carry out large-scale infrastructure projects in road construction, water supply and waste management. In addition, Municipal Development Fund (one of the agencies under the umbrella of the Ministry) will also be implementing various projects.

“We have been working at full scale during the year to execute increased budget of the Ministry. Previously, GEL 970 was the highest indicator in terms of execution, while we have exceeded the indicator by GEL 1 000 000 300 this year. The budget of the Ministry is planned to be further increased by more than half a billion to amount to GEL 1 815 000 000. We have a huge budget to execute and enormous work to do ahead of us. Next year the Ministry is announcing start of new projects of GEL 4,5 billion. Next year is mostly intended for announcing construction biddings, whereas by the end of the year construction works will start at an active pace. We are facing significant challenges, though we are sure we will manage to handle them”, - Mr. Alavidze said.


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