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Completion of student hostel construction


Completion of student hostel construction

24 June 2016

Municipal Development Fund of the ministry of regional development and infrastructure of Georgia has completed construction  of 320 room student hostel at Lisi Lake adjacent territory. Today Minister of Education and Science Aleksandre Jejelva, first  deputy minister of regional development and infrastructure Ilia Darchiashvili Municipal Development Fund executive director Juansher Burchuladze visited newly constructed building.  Student hostel will improve educational and living conditions for vulnerable students from different municipalities.  

Building meets required international standards and is equipped adequately. As it was envisaged by the design 3 residential blocks and one administration building were constructed. The following was also arranged: café, conference hall, aid post, library,  IT room, laundry and other supportive structures, all these will make comfortable environment for students. 

As for outside territory the following was arranged: territory improvement, landscaping, internal roads and paths, open stadium, open gym, and lighting system. Works were financed from state budget and amounted to GEL 5.250.777. 

Construction was commenced in Spring 2015 by MDF based on  Prime Minister initiative.   Residential building includes ordinary hotel type rooms among them  several rooms are adopted for disabled persons, accordingly territory is entirely adopted for disabled persons.

Ministry of education and science of Georgia intends to develop student’s accommodation procedures in near future.