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Press Center News Tengiz Shergelashvili attended spring recruiting process

Tengiz Shergelashvili attended spring recruiting process


Tengiz Shergelashvili attended spring recruiting process

26 February 2016

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Tengiz Shergelashvili  visited the gathering-distribution center in Dighomi and attended spring recruiting process.

Spring call-up for 2016, launched on February  and will continue till June 30. The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure will coordinate the recruiting process.

 During the period, a total of 3183 recruits will be recruited. The law prescribes that, the citizen from 18 to 27, not having the right of exemption or postponement from conscription, are subject to drafting into the compulsory military service. Recruits, after receiving of the call-up document, in a specified period of time must be come at the call-up commissions’ offices.

From 3183 recruits, the number of the citizens to be conscripted into the paramilitary MIA is 720; 1020 conscripts – into the External Security Division of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia; 443 conscripts - into the Special Security Service and1000 have been conscripted into the armed forces of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

Recruitment Commissions operate in all self-governing units. Medical examination of the citizens is implemented by the Military-Medical expert Commission at the gathering-distribution center.