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Press Center News Tkibuli landfill Rehabilitation works in progress

Tkibuli landfill Rehabilitation works in progress


Tkibuli landfill Rehabilitation works in progress

17 January 2017

Rehabilitation works in Tkibuli landfill is in progress. In coordination with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Ltd. “Solid Waste management Company of Georgia” is implementing the rehabilitation works in Tkibuli landfill in compliance with the appropriate standards. Ongoing construction works was observed by Zurab Alavidze, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure and Giorgi Shukhoshvili, the Director of the Company, together with the representatives of local self-government. In the framework of the Tkibuli landfill rehabilitation project following works being carried out: Arranging, compacting and covering old waste with insulation layers of clay soil, Creating a new infrastructure (access roads, control points, weighing bridges, premises, fence, water drainage systems) Creation of a system of soil deposits which will be used successively for daily coverage of waste with soil, Assignment of staff and provision of machinery (caterpillar, compactor etc.) this will reduce harmful impact on the environment, living conditions, safety of local population will be improved.

The total area of the landfill comprises 32 739 m² and about 455 m³ household waste is being disposed daily on the landfill territory from Tkibuli municipality and its nearby villages.

Tkibuli rehabilitation project was financed from the state budget. Project cost amounted to 251 957,00 Georgian Lari.