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Meeting with the representatives of the ADB

30 November 2016

At the meeting the attention was paid to the prospects of future relations between the Ministry and the Asian Development Bank.

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Zurab Alavidze will head the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia

28 November 2016

Nodar Javakhishvili, introduced the new minister  to officials of the Ministry

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Problem of bad roads was solved in Khashuri and Surami

21 November 2016

4 244 027 GEL have been allocated from  the Regional Development Fund for 11projects of road rehabilitation .

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Problem of bad roads was solved in Adigeni

31 October 2016

During the selection of the projects for financing, special attention was paid to the streets, which has never been paved with asphalt, or was so damaged that it was impossible to move

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Citizens of Zugdidi will be provided with 24 hour water supply

31 October 2016

Nodar Javakhishvili inspected water supply system rehabilitation in Zugdidi.

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Chiaturian kids will go to rehabilitated kindergartens

28 October 2016

In 2015-2016,  5 kindergarten have been fully rehabilitated in the town of Chiatura. 

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The tourism infrastructure will be improved in the Old and the New Shuamta

27 October 2016

The Municipal Development Fund implements rehabilitation project by financial support of  the World Bank, within the frameworks of regional development project.

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Construction of the multi-profile hospital in the village Rukhi is actively ongoing

25 October 2016

220-bed university hospital consists of 7 blocks and different type technical buildings. 

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Conference on the regional and local development issues

24 October 2016

Results of the SGP over the 2015-16 have been summarized on the conference

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Khashurian kids will go to rehabilitated kindergartens

22 October 2016

Over the years 2013-2016, the total of 227 projects of  kindergartens’ rehabilitation were funded from  the Regional Development Fund, with a value of 44 162 799 GEL

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Nikea Str. Rehabilitation completes much earlier than the scheduled date

21 October 2016

The street resumption will significantly improve the flows of vehicle means within the City and condition relieving of traffic jams being in Kutaisi.

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